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Ludisia discolor 'Copper Web' rare variety!

Product information "Ludisia discolor 'Copper Web' rare variety!"

Jewel orchids of the genus Ludisia used to be marketed under the generic name Haemaria. For a long time, Ludisia discolor was the only species within its genus, until Ludisia ravanii was described as a new species in 2013. Various cultivars of Ludisia discolor (Ker Gawl.) Blume are available, including Ludisia discolor 'Silvergreen' and Ludisia discolor 'Copper Web'. The latter is particularly captivating with its intensely red-coloured leaf veins on a dark leaf base. Ludisia cultivars do well when kept at room temperature, provided they do not receive too much light. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight. The roots should be in a moist substrate, but it should not be wet. Cultivars of the Ludisia genus are among the most popular jewelled orchids.

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