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Goodyera pusilla 'Dreaming Track' rare variety!

Product information "Goodyera pusilla 'Dreaming Track' rare variety!"
Goodyera pusilla ‘Dreaming Track’ Blume 1858 is a Southeast Asian jewe orchid that requires temperate cultivation. The species of the Goodyera genus make up a large proportion of the jewel orchids - yet there are only a few Goodyera species on the market. The elongated leaves are multi-coloured and interwoven with a network of light veins. The flowers of Goodyere pusilla ‘Dreaming Track’ are numerous but small. Goodyera pusilla ‘Dreaming Track’ does not like direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will fade. It is best to use rainwater for watering. Use liquid fertiliser sparingly, as this jewel orchid does not grow vigorously. Below the inflorescence, Goodyera pusilla ‘Dreaming Track’ forms a new shoot from the last node, so that the plant continues to grow by creeping on the substrate. A real feast for the eyes and a must for any advanced jewel orchid collection. The pictures shown are exemplary, the plant you purchase is similar to the pictures. You are purchasing a young plant.

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